Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles, Québec
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Research categories

  Oil and gas exploration reports are listed in SIGPEG by year, type of work, geological region, exploration licence number and sequence number.  


  File numbers always begin by the first year of work.

Type of work

  The database contains three main work categories:
  • Geology (T)
  • Geophysics (Y)
  • Drilling (O)
During an “All type” search, you can also consult documents identified by the letter “I”. These are inspection reports drafted by MRN geologists following an accidental discovery of natural gas.

Geological region

  Québec is divided into six geological regions, identified by letters A to G.

Licence number

  The file number includes the licence number for each type of work.

The licence number 000 is used to indicate that it was not possible, when the source document (GM or report) was indexed, to indicate the relationship with the licence issued for the work concerned, since it was not noted in the report. In general, this is the case for work carried out between 1885 and 1989.


Sequential number

  The file number ends with a sequential number.

Confidentiality period


A confidentiality period applies to all documents filed by exploration companies.

Documents in the drilling (O) and geophysical survey (Y) categories only become available three years after the work is completed .

Documents in the geological work (T) category remain confidential until the licence to explore for petroleum or natural gas under which the work was carried out is abandoned, revoked or expires.

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